Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Super Sprint 20/09/2020 at Marulan

C’mon folks, lets get those entries in ASAP.

This promises to be a great event run under a permit issued by AASA under current Covid rules.

You need paperwork just go to Facebook or website or ask me to send.

If coming to official, we need officials, you need to register with

All people (non-competitors)coming to event MUST register at

Just to refresh:

HDCC will be running this Supersprint under a permit issued by Australian Auto-Sport Alliance (AASA).

The Executive have spoken extensively with AASA to ensure HDCC is permitted to run this event during the current Covid climate. Spoke on phone just last night.

AASA have consulted with NSW Health and Services NSW who have assured AASA that there are no issues if following strict Covid plan.

AASA have also consulted with Pheasant Wood and been advised that there is a Covid plan in place.

Pheasant Wood would not be hiring venue if not allowed under current Covid climate. They would have been required to submit a Covid plan and advised local police.

At this stage there are no restrictions on travel within NSW. All wording from NSW Health is as a recommendation only.

Hope to see a good turn up

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