Monday, July 22, 2024
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Hi members

As you would be very aware Greater Sydney is in a Covid lockdown until the end of July if not longer.

The Executive met last night via zoom. Here are some of what happened

  1. We can’t hold a general meeting next week (21/07/2021). Discussion was held as to doing meeting via zoom but it was felt that as we have minimal events or news that it would be best to cancel meeting
  2. As a result of lockdown the event on 25/07/2021 (King/Reilly Khanacross) has been postponed yet again. We will endeavour to get a new date ASAP.
  3. The month of August is also a bit “iffy” at the moment so watch out for updates. It may mean that once we come out of lockdown we may schedule fast tracked events to as to get in some competition.
  4. Only recent event has been The Hornet Khanacross. This was a very well run, well attended event. From reports everyone had enjoyable time.
  5. If you have historical rego coming up be advised that Peter Batt will be mailing signed documents to members, seems to be going well. Reminder that you can do paper work up to 6 months prior, you don’t have to leave it till the last minute.
  6. Mick King informed Exec that due to lockdown he cannot go up to Hampton so no work has been able to be performed.
  7. Karen Vella tabled a comprehensive statement of our accounts. If you wish to see please advise and I will email to you directly. Karen did report that HDCC is in a good place financially.
  8. If you have ordered clothing Leilani will be ordering. If you haven’t paid yet please transfer funds ASAP.
  9. Daniel is processing Pointscore post Hornet. The Exec felt he didn’t need to post Pointscore at the moment as we have had minimal events but once we run one more event he will post.
  10. Russell advised that due to lack of event, lack of articles and no general meeting that he won’t be publishing a Hills Bulletin this month

These are most of the items discussed last night. If you have any questions or issues please contact an Executive member

Stay safe out there and be happy that we will get back to motorsport



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