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HDCC Championships Poinstcore Rules

The rules used when calculating the pointscores for the various HDCC championships are in the attached document:

This is current as at February 2019.


Interim HDCC Pointscore

Pointscores updates will not be published for the remainder of the year, final positions will be announced at the presentation early 2019.

Should you have any queries or corrections, please email

Don’t forget that to be eligible for the majority of the championships, you will need to have completed three officials duty at HDCC events throughout 2018, this can include one Hampton working bee.

Club Championship

Aidan Williams682
Alex Reynolds486
Alister Cameron682
Allan Gillard1839
Allan Ritchie1449
Anthony Burke774
Blake Joyner674
Brad Arnold1356
Cameron Forbes1938
Catherine Reilly2733
Chloe O'Hara3817
Chris Fraser967
Chris Warwick4114
Christopher Walker1061
Cliff Ferguson3817
Coddie Forrest1645
Cooper Keavy3025
Daniel Davies967
Daniel Ryan1839
Daniel Williams1839
Dave Wright1061
David Deece1061
David King774
David Masing3322
David Wooldridge774
Dean Batt2136
Dennis Channon774
Doug McCullough1449
Doug Wallace683
Elyse Reynolds486
Emily Page486
Emma Forbes294
Evan Boaz1449
Gary Moore3026
Gavin Hermann4611
Gaye Joyner1449
Geoff Farrant812
Geoff Green2830
Graeme McMurdo3026
Haowen Chu1158
Hayley King508
Heidi Williams294
Jack Lever294
Jamie Burke486
Jamie Skuse2830
Jamie Waterhouse294
Jason Forbes1158
Jason King556
Jayden King1257
Jeff Taylor2928
Jeffrey Mackie682
Jo-anne Batt3521
John Joyner4312
John Mackie3124
John Reilly4810
John Swales2830
John Taylor537
Jon Deece1839
Jordan Waterhouse486
Jullie Deece486
Karen O'Hara1061
Karen Vella3719
Keira Ashby486
Kelly Caruana1938
Kevin Ashby1839
Lana Page967
Lara Taggart871
Lauren Peacock2928
Lee Fulton294
Leilani Skuse2534
Mark Page4114
Mark Peacock3719
Marshall Owen294
Martin Dal-Santo1839
Matthew Carmody967
Maxwell Eyles871
Meagan Taggart774
Megan Wills1546
Michael Batt1061
Michael Bermingham4213
Michael Cranfield1546
Michelle Arnold682
Mick King851
Nicholas Deece1449
Paul Keavy4114
Peter Batt508
Peter Lawrie645
Peter Williams294
Rachel Reynolds1158
Rily Davies486
Robert Ruchalski774
Rodney Lean1449
Russell Lewis1449
Shane O'Hara774
Stephanie Brown2435
Stephen Reynard1546
Steve King774
Steven Regan871
Teddy Webber2136
Tiki Freizer1061
Todd Johnson294
Tom White294
William Brown3322

Drivers Championship

NameDrivers ChampionshipPosition
Aidan Williams654
Alex Reynolds458
Alister Cameron654
Allan Gillard1825
Blake Joyner532
Brad Arnold1336
Cameron Forbes1922
Chloe O'Hara319
Chris Fraser946
Christopher Walker1041
Cliff Ferguson319
Coddie Forrest1632
Cooper Keavy3012
Daniel Davies946
Daniel Ryan1825
Daniel Williams1138
Dave Wright1041
David Deece1041
David Masing2021
Doug Wallace406
Elyse Reynolds458
Emily Page458
Emma Forbes267
Gary Moore2318
Gavin Hermann1922
Geoff Farrant671
Geoff Green2815
Haowen Chu1138
Hayley King367
Heidi Williams267
Jack Lever267
Jamie Burke458
Jamie Waterhouse267
Jason Forbes1138
Jayden King1237
Jeff Taylor2913
Jeffrey Mackie654
John Joyner2219
John Mackie319
John Reilly1041
John Swales2815
John Taylor532
Jon Deece1825
Jordan Waterhouse458
Jullie Deece458
Keira Ashby458
Kelly Caruana1922
Kevin Ashby1825
Lana Page267
Lara Taggart849
Lauren Peacock2219
Lee Fulton267
Leilani Skuse1825
Mark Peacock1731
Marshall Owen267
Martin Dal-Santo1825
Matthew Carmody946
Maxwell Eyles849
Meagan Taggart753
Megan Wills849
Michael Batt1041
Michael Cranfield1533
Michelle Arnold654
Mick King2913
Nicholas Deece1435
Paul Keavy415
Peter Lawrie434
Peter Williams267
Rachel Reynolds458
Rily Davies458
Stephanie Brown2417
Stephen Reynard1533
Steven Regan849
Todd Johnson267
Tom White267
William Brown338

Motorkhana Championship

NameCL RuddO'HaraPeacockErnies RevengeTotalPosition
Aidan Williams222626
Alex Reynolds22431
Alister Cameron6627
Blake Joyner910194
Brad Arnold131315
Cameron Forbes2245
Chloe O'Hara787222
Cliff Ferguson22432
Coddie Forrest971612
Cooper Keavy6101613
Daniel Davies54922
Daniel Ryan810186
Daniel Williams921116
Dave Wright101020
David Deece2261021
Elyse Reynolds22433
Emily Page4434
Emma Forbes2246
Gary Moore6625
Gavin Hermann101018
Geoff Farrant291117
Geoff Green4435
Haowen Chu22436
Hayley King5689281
Heidi Williams2247
Jack Lever2248
Jamie Burke22437
Jamie Waterhouse2249
Jayden King22438
Jeffrey Mackie6628
John Joyner551019
John Mackie810187
Jon Deece135188
Jordan Waterhouse4439
Jullie Deece22440
Keira Ashby22441
Kelly Caruana109195
Kevin Ashby99189
Lana Page2250
Lara Taggart8823
Lauren Peacock6268223
Lee Fulton2251
Leilani Skuse5530
Mark Peacock1341710
Marshall Owen2252
Meagan Taggart7724
Megan Wills2244
Michelle Arnold6629
Nicholas Deece22281414
Paul Keavy891711
Peter Williams2253
Rachel Reynolds22442
Rily Davies4443
Todd Johnson2254
Tom White2255

Khanacross Championship

NameNew YearKing/BerminghamHornetKing/ReillyTotalPosition
Allan Gillard991814
Blake Joyner888249
Cameron Forbes9441718
Chris Fraser9930
Christopher Walker101027
Cliff Ferguson9810278
Cooper Keavy771421
David Masing10102013
Doug Wallace10101010402
Gary Moore1071717
Gavin Hermann9929
Geoff Farrant8752012
Geoff Green9692410
Haowen Chu7735
Jason Forbes561125
Jayden King26832
Jeff Taylor7769296
John Joyner571224
John Mackie941322
John Reilly101026
John Swales9910287
John Taylor10101010403
Leilani Skuse581323
Martin Dal-Santo8101815
Matthew Carmody9931
Maxwell Eyles8833
Megan Wills42636
Michael Batt101028
Michael Cranfield691519
Mick King10910295
Paul Keavy891716
Peter Lawrie10101013431
Stephanie Brown7982411
Stephen Reynard871520
Steven Regan8834
William Brown131010334

Speed Championship

Name2018-07-22 - Huntley Hillclimb2018-09-30 - SupersprintTotalPosition
Geoff Farrant1313261
Blake Joyner10102

Officials Championship

NameCL RuddNew YearKing/BerminghamO'HaraHornetPeacockKing/ReillyAMCClub CaptainsWorking Bee - 3/02/2018Working Bee - 22/03/2018Working Bee - 2018-06-23Working Bee - 23/07/2018Working Bee - 2018-08-11Working Bee - 21/08/2018Working Bee - 29/08/2018TotalPosition
Allan Ritchie771420
Anthony Burke7732
Blake Joyner771420
Catherine Reilly107102713
Chloe O'Hara7732
Chris Warwick77999415
Cliff Ferguson7732
Daniel Williams7732
David King7732
David Masing131329
David Wooldridge7732
Dean Batt7772115
Dennis Channon7732
Doug McCullough771420
Doug Wallace77772811
Evan Boaz771420
Gary Moore7732
Gavin Hermann71372713
Gaye Joyner771420
Geoff Farrant771420
Graeme McMurdo97773010
Hayley King771420
Jamie Skuse77772811
Jason King77713777552
Jo-anne Batt77777359
John Joyner7772115
John Reilly710777387
Karen O'Hara101030
Karen Vella7101010378
Lana Page7732
Lauren Peacock7732
Leilani Skuse7732
Mark Page713777415
Mark Peacock1372019
Megan Wills7732
Michael Bermingham777777424
Mick King77777777561
Peter Batt9777713503
Peter Lawrie7772115
Rachel Reynolds7732
Robert Ruchalski7732
Rodney Lean771420
Russell Lewis771420
Shane O'Hara7732
Steve King7732
Teddy Webber7772115
Tiki Freizer101030

Rally driver/navigator Championship

NameVolksmuller RallysprintBulahdelahRosewoodBega ValleyBlacksmith InnTotalPosition
Chris Warwick10981013502
David Deece7711
Dean Batt10107274
Gary Moore888
Jamie Skuse888
John Joyner10981013502
John Mackie7711
Kelly Caruana1897
Logan Waterhouse99185
Peter Batt87156
Peter Moore7711
Rae Waterhouse131313131531

Ladies Championship

NameCL RuddO'HaraPeacockErnies Revenge New YearKing/BerminghamHornetTotalPosition
Chloe O'Hara10109292
Elyse Reynolds88167
Emily Page7713
Emma Forbes2217
Hayley King981010371
Heidi Williams5514
Jullie Deece66129
Keira Ashby471110
Kelly Caruana62812
Lana Page2217
Lara Taggart4415
Lauren Peacock589225
Leilani Skuse699244
Meagan Taggart2217
Megan Wills588216
Michelle Arnold9911
Rachel Reynolds77148
Stephanie Brown91010292

Junior Championship

NameCL RuddO'HaraPeacockErnies RevengeLBMCC SkidpanNew YearKing/BerminghamHornetKing/ReillySupersprintTotalPosition
Aidan Williams22413
Alex Reynolds72910
Blake Joyner101010101010601
Cameron Forbes21096274
Chloe O'Hara109813403
Coddie Forrest2216
Cooper Keavy2494196
Elyse Reynolds84129
Emily Page7711
Emma Forbes2216
Hayley King9891010462
Heidi Williams2216
Jamie Burke22413
Jayden King2285177
Jordan Waterhouse6612
Keira Ashby22413
Lana Page2216
Lara Taggart2216
Lauren Peacock579215
Meagan Taggart2216
Nicholas Deece467177
Todd Johnson2216