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HDCC 65th Birthday Celebrations

Join us at Hampton on the long weekend Saturday 5th  & Sunday 6th October 2019


  • We will be celebrating HDCC 65th Birthday
  • 50 Years of Hampton
  • Campers or Caravanners please arrive early Saturday
  • Around 12 noon Saturday a welcome from Gavin Hermann
  • Take a look over some history on display
  • Old & New movies & slides will be running all the time
  • Catch up with some friends for a chat bring along some stories about your time in HDCCC & if you wish we can arrange a time when you can tell your story out loud
  • Shirley Logan Fred’s daughter will be telling us some of her early memories of her time with Hills.
  • We will be taking groups of about 4 cars at a time around Hampton to show how the property has evolved over time
  • Tea & Coffee will be on the boil all over the weekend help yourself. No catering, so just bring along what you would like the barbecues will be available when you want.
  • Hampton Pub is also available for meals all day, coffee & cold drinks plus accommodation
  • A DJ will be playing some music for us as well & as it gets colder 2 fire pits will be lit to keep us warm
  • Grab a ticket for our raffle the prize is the HDCC 50th book last one around tickets $5 ea or 3 for $10 drawn on Sunday


  • Sunday morning, we will have bacon n eggs on the barbie sounds good.
  • Brian Cox will be along to have a talk about his time as President, Rally director, Navigator & many other jobs in Hills
  • A new naming will be announced for one of the corners stay tuned
  • When walking around please be aware of cars out as well
  • The property is one way only which is anti-clock wise at a slow speed
  • Please join us with friends to help this be another great day at Hampton for HDCC
  • There is a toilet & hot shower operating at Hampton
  • When entering the property turn right at the gate & proceed to the back area someone will find you a spot to park

Raffle Tickets

Prize is the HDCC 50 Years of Motorsport Book of some 450 pages celebrating 50 years of Motorsport 1954 – 2004.
This is a one off prize to be drawn Sunday 6th at Hampton

Tickets are $5.00 each or 3 for $10.00

Please contact Teddy Webber for tickets 0407 499 602 or

For more info contact any of the people listed below.

Mick King                   0448 837 040

Mark Page                  0403 048 345

Doug Wallace              0490 928 334

Graeme McMurdo       0417 262 319

Teddy Webber   0407 499 602 or

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